Gears TV

Gears TV is a high quality IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience, we have several types of subscriptions of over 12,000 channels in 4K / Full HD / SD & VODS and a playlist of the best movies and series.

Our servers are efficient and stable, which ensures better quality when viewing HD channels & Vods without cuts.

Gears TV brings together the best content. All your programs live and on demand, wherever and whenever you want.
We offer you high-end iptv subscriptions in Tunisia, Europe and Canada


Gears TV is an IPTV provider that provides very excellent service. With it, you get a large playlist with more than 6,500 American, Canadian and international channels with high quality HD, FHD and UHD, so you too can enjoy the VOD (video on demand) in which you will find all the movies and series you want as well as the novelties for 2021. In addition, Gears TV is the best for you because it has a lot of bouquets that are suitable for all the members of your family (cooking, sport, cinema, child…) ).

Gears TV, provider of high quality Smart IPTV, m3u, Mag subscription, guaranteed without interruption, our Premium IPTV servers have a playlist of more than 12,000 channels in full HD and SD & VODS in Full HD and 4k (latest movies and series up to date).

We place the performance of our IPTV servers at the top of our priorities, and we assure you a reception of the channels in very high fluidity with an exceptional quality of image, which will ensure you a better quality when viewing your favorite matches and events. , in addition to videos on demand in HD or Full HD and even in 4k under the best conditions.

Gears TV is compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony Smart TVs and all Android TV Boxes and MAG and Android boxes, Apple TV … thanks to the Smart IPTV application, activation is done entirely remotely without your intervention or knowledge technical.

  • Gears TV: Your premium quality online IPTV, without interruption, at the best price / quality ratio, online support 7 days a week.
  • More than 12,000 international channels, TV football, films. 24 and 48 hour trial and test, ip tv test code before purchase possible.
  • Premium IPTV subscription compatible with Smart TVs: LG, Samsung, Sony, Thomson… | IP TV MAG subscription | IP TV m3u subscription and Android TV Box, Kodi and VLC | IPTV Smartphone and tablet | IP TV subscription PC, Mac and computer | ENIGMA2 IPTV subscription
  • Ultra secure payment via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, CB, American Express…), by bank transfer and via Western Union.



  • + 12,000 Full HD / HD / SD channels – VODS movies and series up to date on demand
  • Channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Arabic, UK, Latin, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Kurdistan, Persia, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Africa, India, Pakistan
  • High performance stable servers, no outages (load balancing)
  • Compatible with: Smart TV, Android / iOS, Mag and PC and all m3u support
  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • 48 hours of testing
  • EPG & Logos automatically included

Channels available in SD / HD / FULL HD

All the Canalsat, Canal +, Bein sports packages …
All French and international bouquets
European, American and Arab channels
HD / FULL HD quality

Stable servers:

Best subscriptions in France and Europe
Fast and guaranteed uninterrupted servers
European Uplinks servers up to 10 GB / S
Technical team qualified in maintenance

Smart ip tv series movies:

Daily update of the latest movies and series
FULL HD / 4K / 3D quality
Films and series in French, English and others
Your favorite movies on TV / Phone …


IPTV Definition:

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television. The IPTV box or the IPTV box is indeed a device that gives the possibility of having access to several television channels around the world, pay and free, via an Internet connection. To benefit from these images, you must have a smart terminal, namely: smart TV, smartphone or any other device that allows access to the Internet.

Regarding paid images, you can have them by subscribing to a subscription with a distributor. With your IPTV box, you also have the possibility of receiving both the channels of the terrestrial network (digital) and the channels of the satellite network.

The IPTV box gives its users the possibility of receiving television channels from around the world in their smart terminals. It is a gadget that has several advantages for its use. The IPTV box is not a piece of equipment designed for a specific target. Anyone can access it, as long as you have an established internet connection. It can be used on any smart terminal you have.

With the IPTV box you will have the flexibility to select your favorite channels and watch them on time. VOD allows you to choose a program from the video library that you want to watch. You also have the option of recording programs that you will see later. Unlike TNT antennas, the IPTV box is denser and less bulky. It does not require enough space to be installed. In addition, it has the ability to receive the signal of several television channels around the world.

What types of IPTV boxes are there?

Before moving on to testing the different products, we first thought about making you discover in this comparison the types of IPTV boxes that exist on the market. In fact, 03 varieties are currently available, namely: Boxes from service providers, Android TV boxes and Apple TV boxes.

Access provider boxes

Several providers now offer digital TV services through subscription offers integrated into a TV set-top box. For example, we have the Orange tv decoder, the 4k Bbox from Bouygues Telecom and the Freebox.

Android TV boxes

These types of boxes work like a computer that you have connected to your TV. This gives you the possibility to have access to games, applications and various TV channels with just one click.

The Apple TV box

It is a model with an intuitive and easy to use interface. It incorporates Siri voice assistance and also has 4K HDR compatibility. With 32 GB of memory, it also has a Bluetooth and wifi connection.

The criteria for purchasing an IPTV box

To make a better investment, it is prudent to refer to certain very decisive selection criteria. Regardless of the make or model, the key is to get equipment that you can enjoy for as long as possible. In our opinion, the details to be based on when choosing your device are as follows:



It enables your IPTV box to be faster in performing tasks. When it is of good quality, it allows you to easily launch your games, videos and programs

Storage space

With enough storage memory, you can save enough data and use it later.

The quality of the image

This is a very decisive element in choosing a good quality IPTV box. In general, the most efficient ones support HD, 4K, 6K resolutions, etc.


What is IPTV?

Thanks to the constant and rapid evolution of computers and digital technology, the way of watching television and its favorite shows has changed greatly in recent times. You no longer have to sit in front of your TV screen waiting for your football game at 10 p.m. It is now possible to watch it anywhere, anytime and … anyway thanks to IPTV. Focus on this very practical technology.

Definition and operation of IPTV

IPTV, or Internet Protocol TeleVision, is a method of broadcasting television using an internet connection. As the name suggests, IPTV uses your IP address to connect to the Internet and transmit broadcasts.

The means of transmission of the usual television broadcasts are by radio waves or by satellite. The major concern with this classic method is that it is impossible to watch what you want when you want it.

Indeed, viewers must be content with the program broadcast by the various channels when they watch television, unless they have a recording device.

In contrast, IPTV uses a broadband internet connection. As a result, you can view your programs whenever you want, as if you were just surfing the internet.

Basically, the working principle of IPTV is to make TV broadcasts available when you want them in your spare time and wherever you want without having to be glued to your TV.

Internet service providers enter into partnership agreements with the various channels in order to be able to broadcast their programs. Thus, they will store all this data in centralized or decentralized servers to make them accessible by subscribers.

They will no longer need a satellite dish or decoders provided by digital channel operators, but will be able to see the broadcasts directly via their PC.


The equipment needed to use IPTV

All you need to enjoy using IPTV is a display interface, a connection and possibly a box. Your display medium can be your computer or your television. However, the second option remains the most “conventional” for enjoying broadcasts, since the PC is more suited to various tasks such as surfing, opening applications, etc.


A Smart TV set is required to use IPTV.

On the other hand, it should be noted that IPTV is only accessible on Smart TV sets to be able to be functional directly without going through intermediate devices. If you are not lucky enough to have this kind of television, you will either need to connect your PC to your television via an HDMI cable, or use an Android box.

An Internet connection

The Internet connection is the essential element to favor an IPTV. You can choose your usual web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera…) and have access to all the programs you want.

It is, however, important to have an internet connection with high bandwidth (high speed), otherwise you risk viewing jerky videos.

An Android box or a decoder

An Android box or a decoder is necessary for those who do not use IPTV on a PC or on a smart TV. This box will transmit the IPTV signals from the internet connection to the television set.

It connects to the internet via wifi or wired via a network cable. It allows, among other things, to record your favorite shows thanks to its storage capacity, listen to radio via the web or connect various removable devices and play them on your television (USB key, external hard drive, etc.)